Chat Replays, Live Captions, and Other Features Added To YouTube Live

Published By : 27 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

YouTube made a big announcement yesterday, which involved new attributes being added to their live streaming feature, in order to improve the experience for users as well as video creators. Live chat playback option after a live stream is over, along with automatic live captions to appear on videos are two key features being designed.

YouTube Live Streaming Made Simpler and Efficient

The video viewing giant had offered captioning back in 2009, and numerous captions have been added to a more than a billion videos until now. However, live captioning for a video in real-time sense is more complicated than automatic captioning. Nevertheless, improvements in speech recognition technology are hypothesized to make it easy to add features like captions. YouTube would be using its live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology to form captions on live streams. This is mainly expected to be done when expert captions do not exist. According to the YouTube, the error rates and latency adhere to industry standard expectations. However, these won’t be truly perfect, as some amount of uncertainness would surely exist.

Several other features are also being designed for live streaming. A prominent feature of these involves the ability to add location tags to mobile live streams and video uploads. This can help users to explore other videos too which have been captured at the same location. A location filter will also be available on the search results pages, as per the company.

Apart from the live captioning feature, a live chat option after the video ends is also provided in order to lend a feeling of continuation to the viewers. The Super Chat feature will help users to propagate their message in a chat stream, and make them gain a bit of attention. As of current times, the Super Chat feature is only available on Android and Desktop. However, it is soon being launched on iOS today.

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