CEC Liquid Telecom to Build Fibre Network Worth US$5 Million in Zambia

Published By : 12 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

CEC Liquid Telecom Zambia announced its plan of making a new fibre link between Victoria Falls and Lusaka in Livingstone that will help the company to provides its wholesale and retail customers better broadband service at a high-speed. This reliable service will be offered to all the subscribers in South Zamia. The starting point of the new fibre link is at Lusaka. It will then pass through eight more ciruit town such as Monze, Kalomo, Choma, Mazabuka, Kafue, and then end at Victoria Falls in Livingstone. The approximate cost of the 500 km fibre link is US$5 million.

The fibre network will be built by a joint venture between Liquid Telecom and Copperbelt Energy Corporation PLC (CEC). The second venture is a power distribution, transmission, and generating firm based in Zambia. The fibre network built by the latter stretches for 5,000 km and happens to be the first completely redundant network in the country. It is also one of the networks that provides top-notch SLAs in Zambia.

The new link, Lusaka - Livingstone Victoria Falls, will chip in with more capacity, improved redundancy, and greater route diversity. All of these factors will help CEC Liquid Telecom gain a better position in Zambia.

The new link will join The Liquid Telecom Group’s fibre network in Zimbabwe which will give the company its third route in and out of Zambia. The completion date of Lusaka - Livingstone Victoria Falls link is around June 2015.
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