Caviar and a Coffee - The World’s Most Expensive Food!

Published By : 13 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

For many of us, a visit to supermarket is enough to satiate our culinary urges. But for the billionaires around the world, the craving is satisfied only with the rarest of food items, the more expensive the better. Beluga caviar that costs £24,000 for a tin, is actually worth more than their weight measured in terms of gold, and coffee which costs £325 for a cup that is made from weasel droppings. So now you know a few of the food items that go in the menu of the super rich of the world. The coffee cherries which are used to brew the most expensive cuppa in the world, is actually obtained after it passes through the digestive system of a weasel, only after which it is gathered and then sent for coffee production. 


The most expensive coffee is obtained from the jungles of Sumatra, where a weasel cat takes a troll scrounging for coffee. The coffee obtained is then graded as emerald coffee, which costs around £10 a cup, the grade ruby costs approximately £60, and a cup of diamond grade coffee is available for a worth of £325. 


The most celebrated coffee tasters after selecting the most succulent beans or coffee cherries eat them. After passing through the coffee tester each of the coffee cherries are like the most precious gem. This is one of the reasons why the costliest coffee in the world is neither bitter or triggers no acidity, as it passes through the enzymes of the weasel, the acidity of the coffee beans gets significantly reduced. Hence, the coffee and the most expensive one available in the market at present. Many culinary experts opine that the coffee is the perfect thing to end a sumptuous meal with. 

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