Car Customization: Trendiest Topic Surfacing in Automobile Industry in 2014

Published By : 02 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

One of the many notable automotive trends to emerge in 2014 was the rise of car customization. From customizing the car’s trim to be made with a tree from the customer’s own garden to redesigning a customer’s house to resonate more with his new purchase, there is seemingly no end to this trend.

BMW are at the forefront of the customization movement, offering up virtually limitless opportunities for the customers to go crazy on their new ‘ultimate driving machines’. BMW’s car personalization department, BMW Individual Manufaktur’s press spokesperson explained, “Customers' wishes are put into practice in accordance to the motto: ‘The highest level is the one you define yourself’. There are nearly no limits to imagination. The car becomes a canvas for the customer's creativity.”

BMW Individual Manufaktur offers up to 100 color schemes even before the customer’s own demands kick in. These can range from personal monograms initiated into the car’s components such as door linings and dashboards to salmon skin being chosen as a replacement for leather in the car’s internal trim. Some customers at BMW Individual Manufaktur have turned their cars into a bookworm’s dream transportation with a customized bookshelf in the car’s rear and extra reading lights, while some have gone to the length of getting BMW to make handkerchiefs or umbrellas matching the design of their cars.

Ferrari’s Special Projects Programme takes the already-exquisite Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and turns it whatever a customer of sufficient clout intends to possess, from the wheels up. At least two customized F12 models were made by the Special Projects Programme, both costing upwards of US$3 million.

Car customization definitely seems like one trend that’s here for good.
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