Capital One Extends Support to Amazon Echo

Published By : 14 Mar 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Since its launch in 2014, Amazon Echo has been gaining popularity among the users. The voice-controlled virtual assistant gadget with its built-in assistant Alexa can get news or traffic information, play music, or buy items from Amazon without the touch of a user’s hand. Third party tools and services that are integrated with the device through apps are called ‘skills’. By turning on the Echo mobile app, a ‘skill’ can be used through the gadget. The latest ‘skill’ integrated with Echo is that of Capital One.  

Amazon Echo has become the latest hit for the company as Amazon is going to launch a new product line of Echo devices. Over the past few months, the company has added more functionality to Alexa, the virtual private assistant inside Echo. The company has also received bank support for its latest venture. Capital One has emerged as the first financial organization to support Amazon Echo. The bank will not only support Amazon’s original Echo device but will also extend its support to users who access Alexa through Fire TV and Echo Dot speaker. 

Capital One Ensures Security Regarding Banking Information

Amazon Alexa app can be used to add the Capital One ‘skill’. Users are required to punch in their account information to proceed with their queries related to their Capital One account. Users can ask the Echo device to check their recent financial transactions in their accounts, their Quicksilver card balance, the due date for credit card payment, and even pay their credit card bill. Capital One has ensured that the account information entered by the users will remain encrypted and would not be accessible, even by Amazon. To ensure further security regarding financial transactions, a user will be prompted by a PIN before Alexa completes any task related to bank account.

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