Cancer Specialists Change Payment Approach to Improve Healthcare and Costs

Published By : 16 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

One of the key goals of the health care law by US President Barack Obama was widening the health insurance to cover more people. The next phase of health care coverage is here. A phase that examines ways and methods in which health care is delivered and how the mounting costs associated with such care can be controlled. 

Stakeholders in the health care industry are interested and some of them have already begun implementing solutions that work. The American Cancer Society Action Network on Tuesday conducted many panels at the National Press Club in Washington, which was led by members of hospitals and many other health care systems. The point of discussion was health care delivery models that have worked for these members. The American Cancer Society Action Network is an advocacy branch of the American Cancer Society. 

The payment system that allows reimbursement of health care services is shifting from one that focuses on volume to one that focuses on value, that too at an increasing pace. This new value focus has health care providers demonstrating that the various services provided to patients by them have helped in keeping him or her healthy.

One method to do this in a better way is to bring together care with other health providers. Chief of oncology Dr Harvey Harmick from Kaiser Permanente in Georgia stated during the course of the panel that keep other specialists within a team informed about a diagnosis in order to ensure that tests and work are being done simultaneously instead of one after the other. The whole cancer team then sits down with the patient as well as his or her family and together they devise the best plan for care. This way, says Dr Harvey Harmick, patients leave the hospital with a clear and big-picture plan designed for their care and they also know the course of action that will follow. 
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