Budweiser Defends Super Bowl Ad

Published By : 06 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Budweiser has chosen to stand by their Super Bowl ad that angered many beer drinkers in the United States.

Budweiser had released a 60 second long ad with the title “Brewed the Hard Way”. According to the ad, Budweiser was not something that should be fussed over. Budweiser proceeded to say that their beer is meant for drinking and not dissecting. The ad’s closing message was to let them sip their pumpkin peach ale.

Brian Perkins, the vice president of marketing at Budweiser, said that their new tag “Brewed the Hard Way” is the company’s way of saying that Budweiser celebrates being a macro beer; a drink that is being enjoyed by many people.

Brian’s intention is to break the alleged stereotypical image that small beer makers are good, while big beer corporate is bad. He refuses to accept that, and says that Lager is definitely one of the toughest styles that can be brewed perfectly, which Budweiser manages through highest standards of quality control to get it right. The company owns itself with the ad without apology.

Budweiser had also aired a popular ad for the puppies and Clydesdale horses Super Bowl, named “Lost Dog”. The company is owned by an MNC called Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Craft breweries and craft beer fans resorted to social networks to voice their displeasure against the ad. Budweiser responded to the outrage by sending Twitter with the common message that they are not anti-craft, they are simply portraying a pro-Bud message. The company went ahead to celebrate golden suds.”

The executive producer for Hop Stories, Eric Buist, said that he was blown away by the public’s response. He added that he had never expected the ad to go viral.
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