British Telecom Announced Suspension of Indian Call Center Unit

Published By : 18 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

British Telecom, one of the biggest telecom provider across the world, has announced it plans for shutting down its call centers in India and set up them again in the U.K. British telecom has taken this step owing to the increasing complaints of poor customer service from the Indian unit.

The flagship telecom enterprise of the Great Britain with call centers in Bangalore and Delhi, has stated that over 80% of calls will be answered in Britain by the end of 2016.

The CEO of BT Consumer, Mr. John Petter, has stated that their customers have told them that they would prefer to speak to a customer center in the U.K., when they call them.

He further stated that when they introduced BT Mobile earlier in 2015, they set up customer service centers in various placed in the U.K. They think that doing this for their other products is a way, in which they can stimulate their services offered to their customer.

He also said that their offshore partners have offered a good level of service, however, they believe that this is the right time to invest more in the U.K.’s business in order to meet customers’ demands.

The enterprise, with over 10 million customers in Britain, has utilized call centers in Delhi and Bangalore since 2003 to support the U.K. operations. Around half of the customer calls of British Telecom are dealt at customer care centers in the U.K. The telecom giant is expected to continue to outsource its back-office operations, without involving the frontline work of answering customers' calls offshore.

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