British Pharmaceutical Co to Set Up Base in Alabama

Published By : 19 Nov 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With the setting up of the British pharmaceutical company in Birmingham, Alabama, nearly 200 new employment opportunities are expected to be open. The plans for the US$29 million unit was to be announced on Tuesday in the presence of mayor William Bell, governor Robert Bentley, and Jefferson County Commission president Jimmie Stephens.

Oxford Pharmaceuticals, the British pharma company, will initially have 61 employees when it begins operations in 2016 and once it is fully functional, up to 200 new jobs will open up. 

The setting of Oxford Pharmaceuticals and the generation of new jobs is only confirms Birmingham’s standing as a technology hub, stated mayor Bell. Moreover, Oxford Pharmaceuticals is being set up keeping in mind Birmingham’s focus on medical innovation and technology. The pharmaceutical company – a start-up founded in Oxford, England – will be located at the Jefferson Metropolitan Park at Lakeshore, Birmingham. 

Mayor Bell stated that they had been working with the state in order to attract international pharmaceutical organizations and Oxford Pharmaceuticals is the first of numerous other ventures that are in the pipeline. Making Birmingham the hotbed of medical technology is the main focus at the moment, Bell affirmed.

Oxford Pharmaceuticals will be manufacturing generic drugs in Birmingham and will then be selling it in the global market. Until the facility is built, the company will be receiving free rent from Innovation Depot, with the city as well as county chipping in incentives. The company will involve a number of collaborations such as Alabama Department of Commerce, the Birmingham Business Alliance, the Jefferson County Economic Industrial Development Authority, and AIDT.
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