Britannia Looking for Lucrative Opportunities to Enter in Bakery and Adjacent Segments

Published By : 17 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Britannia, one of the leading FMCG companies, is looking for lucrative growth opportunities in the bakery segment in the Indian food and beverages industry to strengthen its presence in this domestic market, as stated in the annual report for the years 2016-17 of the company.

Further, the report states that the company is focusing aggressively on entering into adjacent food segments. It has been working actively on gaining a foothold in the bakery business and macro snacking segment by realizing unexploited opportunities. It further adds that the company will continue to look for such commercial opportunities in future to keep itself ahead from its rivals while transforming into a total foods enterprise in this competitive environment.

High Potential Domestic Market on Focus of Britannia

In a bid to expand its international presence, Britannia is evaluating its entry via local production, wherever possible, in high potential domestic markets, which are not accessible through exports routes at present, owing to the high trade barriers.

The company, whose primary businesses are dairy and bakery, engaged into a joint venture with Chipita S.A., a Greece-based food enterprise, in the previous year for the production and sales of its novel food item, ready-to-eat stuffed croissants. Britannia has a presence in more than 70 nations, Asia Pacific, West Asia, the Americas, Africa, and SAARC being its key geographies.

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