Boston Scientific Corporation to Lose Some Sales in the Coming Quarter

Published By : 28 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Boston Scientific Corporation has witnessed a loss in its first quarter, which was hurt due to currency rates and acquisition costs. However, the results were in accordance with the guidelines given by the company.

The medical-device manufacturing company has cut its sales outlook for over a year, which is now estimating US$7.23 billion to almost US$7.38 billion, which is quite down from its earlier range of US$7.3 billion to US$7.5 billion. The adjusted earnings over per share are still anticipated to be around 88 to 92 % according to the company findings.

Analysts have given their poll by Thomson Reuters have estimated around 91% for profits for per-share on US$7.43 billion in terms of revenue.

For the present quarter, the company has estimated to book the adjusted earnings of around 20 to 22 percent per share on US$1.8 billion to around US$1.85 billion in terms of revenue. Analysts are also projected 22% in every share profit and around US$1.86 billion in sales.

The Boston Scientific company has entered on specific cost-cutting techniques in the past few years and has also moved to expand its product portfolio so that it will be less relied on sales of its cardiac devices. Implantable heart-rhythm and Stents devices has accounted for more than 50% of the sales of the company, and together face the growth challenges and fierce competition which can further pressure the prices of devices.

In the last month, the Boston Scientific took over Endo International PLC’s men’s health business for US$1.6 billion; a deal which the company is expecting to close in the third quarter of this year. In the mean time, the company also won an approval from the U.S. FDA in the month of March for it’s very much controversial Watchman device for stroke-prevention.
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