Bostik Opens its Brazilian Subsidiary, Fortaleza to Capitalize on Industry Opportunities at Rio de Janeiro

Published By : 30 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With the aim of giving a major boost to its activities overseas, Bostik, one of the leading global adhesive specialists in the field of construction, consumer markets, and industrial manufacturing has taken the crucial decision of opening a new powder plant in Queimados. Bostik named the plant Fortaleza, which is going to be its subsidiary in Brazil. The plant is located 40 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. 

Fortaleza will be responsible for manufacturing CTA or Cementitious Tile Adhesive products. The plant is expected to have an annual production capacity of 100,000 metric tons of powder. Rio de Janeiro is currently gearing up to host the FIFA World Cup and the upcoming Olympic Games in 2016. This has given a significant boost to the construction activities underway in the region that would correspondingly boost the demand for high grade products to be produced at Fortaleza. 

The State of Rio de Janeiro is covered by the network of Queimados site’s distribution centre, which would significantly facilitate the manufacturing activity of the powder plant. The plant is the third production facility and the fourteenth distribution center to be operated by Fortaleza, the Brazilian subsidiary for Bostik. 

Patrick Chahian, Managing Director of Fortaleza, in an interview mentioned that they were delighted to get the opportunity to bring their operations closer to the markets which were vital for the company. He said that having a facility in Rio de Janeiro with higher capabilities of production will help the company to respond promptly to needs of the local construction industry and their clients. 

The new facility of Bostik at Brazil will represent a vital step taken by the parent company to enhance its manufacturing capacity and serve the demand generated in construction sector of Rio de Janeiro better. 
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