Bose will fund US$50 million for startups to develop its new AR tech

Published By : 12 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Bose who is one of the giants in the audio equipment industry who will reportedly be raising about US$50 million for developing their augmented reality tech. The plans deal with providing this amount in the form of startups who would help them develop the AR platform.

More about Bose’s Audio-focused AR Tech

Contrary to most companies focusing on developing a visually augmented experience, Bose will concentrate the most on bringing together a highly developed audio and video experience. The AR prototype developed by this company was launched at South by Southwest this year. It is expected to use visual information captured by glasses which will be added audio information relevant to the visuals. In this way, both the audio as well as the video will be passed onto the wearer to provide a state-of-the-art AR experience.

The AR prototype kit mainly consists of a package that showcases a thin wafer-like form, which could be combined with helmets, eyewear, headphones and other wearable items in future. In this way, Bose plans to set up the competitive bar higher in the AR technology industry by augmenting wearable-based AR systems.  The new technologies can be managed by both voice as well as by simple head and touch gestures.

According to the company’s vice president, John Gordon from Consumer Electronics Division, the new product places audio in the users’ surroundings without digital images. In this way, the user can focus more on the surroundings around himself/herself, rather than viewing everything in a small display screen. The system will intelligently know where the user is facing, so a realistic visual and audio-based connection with place and time will be possible. According to Bose, this can clearly remove some of the obstacles which are being faced by most AR system manufacturers. In this way, the company expects to provide the streamlined services through different apps and products in forthcoming years.

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