BMW3 Series Bound for India Gets a Facelift

Published By : 11 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Classic Mercedes-Benz C Class has given the segment a shake. And to negate the threat from ‘2015 World Car of the Year’ title BMW has unveiled the 3 Series after giving a facelift. 

The change in the BME 3 Series brings about new tail lamps and headlamps and customers also have the choice to opt for LED units. Another notable feature is the indicators that work on LED and are placed right above the headlights. The corona which is the signature of BMW is ringed around the beam bulbs are now semi-circular in shape. The vehicle features standard LED running lights for daytime. 

To keep with the fashion statement of most BMWs that are available today, the kidney grilles and headlamps are merged. The front of the face lifted BMW 3 Series also receives a updated bumper that has large air dams.

At the rear of the car, the tail lamps receive the distinct LED light bars that are L-shaped which is a signature feature of BMW. Further, the rear bumper receives subtle revisions too. 

As per BMW, the interior has been designed using high quality materials. Other interior features include cup holders that are positioned on the central console. 

As of now, nothing is said about the engine upgrades of the vehicle. But it can be expected that BMW may plonk its latest engines having turbo technology of twin power which is the company’s signature configuration into the vehicle. As per the car maker based in Munich, the turbo technology engines having twin power deliver excellent economy for fuel, without compromising on the car performance.

The BMW 3 Series updated one is expected for India launch sometime later in this year.
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