BMW to Launch 2019 Model of X5 SUV in September

Published By : 17 Aug 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The German Automaker is all decked up to challenge its rivals in their own home ground. BMW is geared up to unveil its new SUV model in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta city is known to be one of those city which is dominated by Porsche and Mercedes. It is expected that both the horse crest and three pronged star logoed organization are going to witness an intense against BMW with its new launch of SUV.

According to reports, BMW is going to host a global press launch for its 2019 model of X5 SUV for the city of Georgia. Journalist from all around the world are predicted to swarm in the state to check the new model and check the fact that it is better enough to compete against Mercedes or Porsche.


Georgia being the attention hub for its high demand in automobile industry, is going to play an important role for BMW in future. Other choice for making Georgia the place for unveiling X5 is the fact that it is just south west Atlanta, where the German automaker is manufacturing the X5.

Porsche which has its headquarters and a test drive track just next to the airport of Atlanta is going to witness steep challenge if its premium model Porsche Cayenne Turbo does not stand up against the new BMW X5. On the other hand the Mercedes who has US$1.5 bn Mercedes- Benz headquarters and has just opened its new headquarters in Atlanta hopes that its own premium end SUV manages to stay standstill when the rest of the world talks about X5.

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