BMW to Help Takata in Mass Airbag Recall

Published By : 23 Dec 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The most recent car maker to join forces with Takata in the recall of their faulty airbags is the German BMW. They have become the latest company to submit to the appeals from federal regulators to expand the country wide recalls of cars fitted with Takata airbags.

The airbags have reportedly become prone to faulty deployment and rupturing, releasing metal parts towards the passengers at high velocities.

BMW stated that is will begin to replace the driver-side airbags in almost 140,000 of their BMW 3 Series cars within the U.S., which were manufactured between January 2004 and August 2006.

The previous recall process that BMW had carried out was limited to about 11,700 cars from Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Florida, after deriving the fact that airbags in highly humid regions were particularly at risk. This recall came after Takata said that the atmospheric moisture might destabilize the chemical propellant that performs the inflation of the airbags.

The airbag inflators have been found to be defective; they tend to over pressurize and rupture the airbag when deployed. This also causes hot metal parts to shoot into the car, adding to the severity of an accident.

The defect is regarded to be extremely serious and has already been linked to at least five deaths, of which four occurred in the U.S. and one in Malaysia. There have also been dozens of injuries caused due to faulty deployment of the airbag.

There are now a total of 11 car companies that have recalled almost 20 million cars around the world that possess the defect.
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