BlackBerry Takes to Job Cuts and Greater Focus on Profit Sustainability

Published By : 23 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

BlackBerry has taken to job cuts in a big way since the company is moving towards regaining its profitable position under John Chen, the CEO. However, it is quite unclear as to how many employees this company will ask to leave. A spokesperson from the company stated that BlackBerry will continue to focus on ensuring greater efficiencies within the global workforce that it possesses. This is a key factor that has been held responsible for so many job cuts. 

The company however refused to comment on the total number of employees who have faced the repercussions. As per sources, BlackBerry wants to carry out effective reallocation of resources so that that they can capitalize on the existing opportunities for growth and further expansion. It also wants to ensure sustainability in profitability in all the areas of business. 

During the last week of May, the company had declared that it would take to job cuts in the business domain of smartphone hardware. The CEO, after taking a look at the firm’s last earnings expressed that the company had brought down the expenditure on hardware via reorganization. This measure resulted in the reallocation of employees and resources from hardware with greater focus on internet and software. In September 2014, BlackBerry reported that the total number of employees in the company were 7000. 

BlackBerry’s CEO clearly stated in an earning’s conference that the firm has the capacity to reach the targets that it has set for the current fiscal year. This will extend till March next year. The company can expect to get a positive flow of cash all through the year thereby maintaining sustainable profits throughout the year. In the area of hardware, BlackBerry’s focus mainly revolves around profitability. 
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