Biomethane: a Sustainable and Economic Alternative to Conventional Vehicle Fuels

Published By : 01 Jul 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Biomethane refers to the methane that is obtained from biomass. In its natural form, it is a mixture of gases with properties similar to those of natural gas and is stored deep down the ground. Biomethane is considered to be an excellent and renewable source of natural gas, which can be blended with any conventional gas or can be used as an excellent substitute to major varieties of conventional fuels used in the transportation sector.

Produced from organic matters, biomethane is an economical and sustainable source of fuel with a negative carbon footprint and is gaining increased attention owing to its cleaner nature. The rising concerns reading the emissions produced by the global transportation industry and stringent emission regulations have prompted businesses in intensifying their attempts at finding a cleaner fuel source. Biomethane is considered a good contender in this global lookout.

There are some major factors why biomethane is considered a better fuel for the burgeoning transportation industry:

  • It is renewable, has low carbon emissions, and it helps remove a source of methane from the ground that would otherwise be released in the atmosphere if the organic matter decomposes naturally. 
  • When these effects are combined, carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere are reduced, producing a negative carbon footprint.

Vehicles powered by biomethane have the lowest carbon dioxide footprint and also have the highest energy yield. The rising awareness among transportation companies and many other industries about these factors is encouraging the increased use of biomethane for a number of operations.

Many regional governments are also leveraging efforts in raising the popularity of biomethane by providing fiscal and infrastructural benefits to companies that are adopting biomethane for a number of operations. As a result, many companies are expected to increase the overall adoption of biomethane in the years to come.

The production of biomethane is also increasing substantially every coming day across the globe. In many parts of the globe, biomethane plants are functioning on a large scale. Over the next few years, the number of biomethane plants is expected to increase at a substantial rate and fuel will garner a substantial share in the transportation industry’s overall energy mix.

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