Biofertilizers Market to Witness a Growth Owing to Increased Restrictions by Government on use of Chemical Fertilizers

Published By : 23 Mar 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Biofertilizers are substances containing living microorganisms which encourage the growth of plants by increasing the nutrient content made available to plants. The biofertilizers market is witnessing a growth owing to the increasing awareness among people regarding the environmental hazards associated with the use of chemical fertilizers. 

Growing Inclination towards Organic Food Boosts Biofertilizers Market 

The biofertilizers market is growing due to an increased awareness among consumers regarding chemicals and a growing inclination towards consuming products that are free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Increasing number of people are preferring organic food, which is in turn boosting the biofertilizers market.

Increased Government Funding and Support towards Use of biofretilizers, Encourages Growth of the Market 

Heightened awareness among people regarding the detrimental effects of chemical fertilizers on the environment is boosting the market for biofertilizers which are safe. Moreover, increased government funding and support for the use of biofertilizers is expected to promote the market. Farmers are thus discontinuing the use of chemical fertilizers and adopting the use of biofertilizers, thus driving the global biofertilizers market. 

Evidence Suggesting the Use of Biofertilizers leads to Sedative Effects Inhibits Growth of Market

The biofertilizers market is challenged by revelations made by recent studies that suggest the use of these fertilizers can have sedative effects. Moreover, biofertilizers are not yet being used consistently all across the world, thus inhibiting the market’s growth. 

Soil Treatment Segment to be in Great Demand in Future

Due to growing restrictions by the government on the use of chemical-based pesticides, the soil treatment segment is expected to grow in the coming years. Farmers are thus compelled to use biofertilizers for the treatment of soil, boosting the market.

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