Big Sofa Now an Approved Partner to a Leading US Consumer Goods Enterprise

Published By : 13 Jun 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The dynamic business environment in the consumer goods industry has impelled organizations into forging strategic collaboration for benefit. The latest to jump into the bandwagon is Big Sofa Technologies, who announced of being approved as a “Global System Partner” on 12th June, 2017. With this, the company will extend its video research and technology services to one of the leading consumer goods corporations in the world, based in the US. The company spokesperson, however, did not disclose the name of the partner.

The firm mentioned that the achievement was the result of an extensive procurement process. As Big Soga is now an approved supplied of global technology and research roasters, it is gearing to undertake various projects, which would facilitate analysis and acquisition of new and existing video contents for clients.

Service Offered by Big Sofa

Previously, the client had conducted several projects via an approved agency. However, their demand for service provided by Big Sofa has reached a level, which made them want to commission multiple projects directly with Big Sofa. As reported by the board.

Through this partnership, the company is slated to contribute significantly to its material income, as the client owns some of the leading brands in the world, that too, within the consumer categories in the beauty, household, and healthcare sectors. The board also added that the client in increasingly using video observation technologies to gain consumer insights aimed at understanding their preferences better.

By understanding the consumer behavior at home using the sophisticated video analysis technology provided by Big Data, the company can interpret their preferences better.

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