BGI to Start New Geothermal Energy Project in Philippines

Published By : 25 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Biliran Geothermal Incorporated (BGI) is now on track to develop its next major geothermal energy project that will be based in the Philippines. According to BGI, they propose to construct a geothermal power plant in the island-province of Biliran based in the Eastern Visayas. This power project boasts a capacity of 50 megawatts and will fuel the renewable energy sector of Philippines energy mix as coal and other energy sources grow.

According to the DOE director representing the Renewable Energy Management Bureau, they hope that the project development will begin within the year if thing go as planned. According to the steam tests conducted for a 20 megawatt Maibarara geothermal project located in Batanga it is ready for a 10 megawatts expansion and the DOE said they hope there will be other geothermal energy project that will fuel the use of clean energy in this nation. The DOE further said that so far they are looking a Biliaran and it calls for a full confirmation so the development has not begun yet.

The DOE stated that in the beginning their successful figuring out of resources showed that around 20 megawatt, but now the announced of commerciality is around 40 to 50 megawatt. They are presently evaluating their declaration.

Previously, the firm BGI has announced commerciality which showed its intent to construct the project up to commercial operation during end of 2014. Also, the geothermal project is aimed to be in full swing by 2016 that will augment the power supply in Visayas.

Marasigan stated that the DOE was analyzing if BGI would be able to generate the energy it required based on geothermal resource that it had aimed to harness. Prior to approving this project’s development work, the firm wants to determine if BGI is planning to sell its energy output. 
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