Beak & Skiff Apple Farms to Double 1911 Hard Cider Production

Published By : 16 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The growing demand for the 1911 Hard Cider brands has led Beak & Skiff Apple Farms to expand the size of its production and bottling plant that was built only last year.

Beak & Skiff / 1911’s expansion will not only upgrade the bottling line but also add new storage space and production tanks, Danielle Fleckenstein said on behalf of the family owned company. She said that the expansion project is likely to cost around US$ 2 million and create about three to four new jobs. 

The production and bottling plant is situated at 2708 Lord’s Hill Road, across from the visitor center of Beak & Skiff’s Apple Hill. The area of the bottling and production plant is presently 15,000 square feet. In 2013, Beak & Skiff wrapped up a massive expansion project of the campus. In addition to shops and apple picking, the campus offers a restaurant and bar. In a poll recently conducted by USA Today, Beak & Skiff was named the top apple orchard in America.

It was in 2001 that Beak & Skiff began the production of wine and hard cider. However, major off-premises sales started only in 2013. The company also produced 1911 brand gin and vodka, all produced from apples. 

Eddie Brennan is a fifth generation member of the Beak & Skiff family and has been the general manager of the 1911 brand. Eddie said that the company owes a great deal to its loyal customers as well as retail partners who have believed in the 1911 brand and supported it throughout. 

The ciders sold by the company include the original 1911 Hard Cider, and blueberry and raspberry flavors. In addition, the company also sells the Founder’s Reserve series with a variety of flavors such as Rose, Hopped, Heritage Dry, and Sweet Apple. The ciders contain around 5.5 per cent to 6.9 per cent alcohol.

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