BASF Opens New Ultramid Polymerisation Plant in China

Published By : 08 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

To increase its local production and supply network in China, BASF has opened its new unit in Shanghai. The company aims to capture the growing market in Asia Pacific and this new Ultramid polymerization plant will boost the production with capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes per year. 

According to Dr Kurt Bock, the chairman of the board of executive directors of BASF, this unit is the company’s first investment in polyamide polymerization in Asia Pacific and will help to tap the growing consumer demand in the region with flexibility and ease. Dr Albert, the president and chairman Greater China of BASF, is positive about the increase in demand from polyamide products in industries such as fiber, film, and engineering plastics, in China. The local production unit will help the company to offer innovative products to its customer base in Asia Pacific. 

The new plant, wholly-owned by the company, has been strategically located at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in Caojing. The location also houses a number of other chemical plants. A world-class facility for manufacturing integrated isocyanates has been built there by BASF and partners. The chemical manufacturing hub has production plants for polyisocyanate (Basonat) and polytetrahydrofuran (PolyTHF). These chemicals are used for the coatings and furniture finishing industry. Chemical manufacturing plants for precious metal solutions for automotive catalysts and automotive coatings plants are operated in the location by BASF Shanghai Coatings Co. Ltd., a joint venture of BASF. 
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