Bard Recovery Blood Clot Filter Linked to 27 Deaths: Report

Published By : 04 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A two part news report released by NBC News has linked an inferior vena cava filter to deaths and severe personal injuries. The IVC filter, which was designed to help in saving lives, has instead turned into a killer.

The NBC News report emphasized on one of the leading inferior vena cava filters: the Bard Recovery device manufactured by medical device manufacturing giant C R Bard.

The Recovery filter, an inch and a half metal-like trap is implanted in the vena cava and is designed to block blood clots from travelling to the lungs or the heart, which could prove to be fatal.

Questions are now being raised if the manufacturer knew about the potentially deadly flaws even after the inferior vena cava filter device was implanted in over thousands of Americans with blood clot risks.

As per the NBC News investigation, at least 27 deaths over the past 10 years have been linked with the Bard Recovery filter, which is a spider shaped device. FDA reveals that an estimated 300 non fatal problems associated with the Recovery filter have also been reported during this time. 

After news of the potentially fatal effect of the Recovery filter broke, C R Bard hired Hill and Knowlton, a public relations giant. A crisis management plan was built that warned that unfavorable press could potentially ruin reputations and damage stock prices. An outside medical expert was also hired by the company to conduct a confidential study on the device. 

The medical consultant discovered that compared to its competitors, the Bard Recovery filter had greater rates of potential risk of death, movement, and filter fracture. The doctor wrote that further investigation on the inferior vena cava filtering device is highly and urgently warranted. 

Even as the number of injuries and deaths went up, the company did not recall the Recovery filter and dismissed the reports. It continued the sale of around 34,000 devices for almost three years before substituting it with a modified version.

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