Balkan Peninsula to Host Second Croatia-Belarus Economic Forum 1-4 April, 2015

Published By : 31 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The second economic forum of the Croatian-Belarusian will be held on 1-4 April in Varazdin, Croatia. The event will be held in the given time and will focus on the strengthening and development of economic cooperation and bilateral trade. The agenda of the forum will include various meetings with the representatives of the government bodies, business matchmaking sessions to be held with the Croatian businessmen, and certain visits to the industrial areas and companies.
The annunciation of the event was informed by the deputy director general responsible for foreign economic cooperation at the Brest office. 

The designation of the Brest businessmen which is led by Andrei Klets, the Vice Governor is leaving for the Balkan Peninsula on the March 31. The delegation will consist of the representatives of the Brest City Hall, the oblast companies and the administration of the FEZ Brest.

Denis Nepsha handled the mutual interest of the parties in cooperation held in several areas. These areas typically include production and sale of equipment, international forwarding, cosmetic products, oil refinery, civil engineering, household chemicals and bio-additives, and wood and metal working. The parties may also have a discussion on the joint manufacturing, business contacts, and other investment in production.

The first economic forum is a boost to the bilateral cooperation. The Croatian businessmen have visited the oblast five times with many solid proposals. Due to this, the private company Bernada-Adria, which is a producer of the medical mattresses, is also registered in Brest after the first forum. 

The company is now undergoing certification. Several talks are underway with the Croatian investors regarding the construction of a concert and also the exhibition hall in Brest. The Croatians partners are also learning the possibility of manufacturing a new brick plant in Pruzhany District. They are also considering the opening of the manufacturing facilities in the free economic zone Brest.   

Denis Nepsha also said that an agreement on the cooperation will be signed between the FEZ Brest and the free economic zone in Varazdin. The agreement also consists of the regional offices of the chambers of industry and commerce. 
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