BAE Systems Uses Virtual Reality to Build Royal Navy Fleet

Published By : 06 Nov 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

BAE Systems is now making use of 3-D virtual reality technology to allow its engineers to build warships for the Royal Navy in a more efficient and cheap manner. BAE Systems, an aerospace and defence company, intends to use this technology to give its sailors on team and design engineers a chance to walk through the computer-generated vessels that they are working on.

The biggest advantage of this chance is, the engineers will have chance of inspecting every nook and cranny of warship much before the actual construction begins. Thus, it eliminates chances to errors even more. With the help of this gaming technology the ship will be viewed as a huge projection on a giant screen. A view through 3D glasses will help the wearer view the design closely and inspect. The technology has been developed in such a way that the viewer gets an impressing of being on board.

BAE is currently using this system to develop three Offshore Patrol Vessels for the Royal Navy along with designing Type 26 frigate that will be used as a workhorse for the fleet in question. According to Charlie Blakemore, director of transformation at BAE, this technology will be used beyond the aspect of a sales tool. He further added, this technology will soon become an integral part of the engineering process to make subsequent products effective and efficient.

BAE also stated that virtual reality system will enable the company to determine the ease in servicing of a vessel and the cost cutting it can do on unnecessary construction material that goes to waste.
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