Baby Food Market to Witness Positive Changes with European Parliament Restricting Sugar Content in Baby Food Products

Published By : 01 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

To reduce the content of sugar in baby food products, the members of the European Parliament have voted for a rethink of the rules that could allow up to 30% sugar content in cereal-based baby foods. The act is being seen as an effort to reduce the prevalence of obesity among kids. In Europe, obesity has emerged as an epidemic and the proposed 30% sugar content in baby foods is way above the WHO recommendations. However, the industry nutrition lobby group Specialized Nutrition Europe has stated that it deeply regrets the result of the vote.  

European Parliament adopts Regulations to Ensure Safety of Baby Food Products
The draft regulation ensures a high level of food safety and guarantees strong consumer protection for infants and young children. The current rules on baby food products in Europe ensure the following:

  • Limited amount of saturated fats, salt, and sugar
  • No usage of nanotechnology and GMOs due to their unknown long-term health risks.
  • No pesticides in the cultivation of cereals used in the baby foods.

The adopted resolution also includes clearer marketing and labelling on infant foods to make it clearer that they are not suitable for infants aged below six months. 

Little Spoon Introduces Fresh Refrigerated Organic Baby Food

Focussing on nutritional content of baby foods, San Francisco-based Little Spoon Organic is making fresh refrigerated organic baby food. Last year, in March, the company introduced its Little Spoon Babyblends products that contain organically grown, non-GMO vegetable and fruit blends. These baby food products are pasteurized through high pressure processing (HPP) to retain its freshness. HPP utilizes a high level of isostatic pressure transmitted by water to cold-pasteurize products after they are packaged. The Little Spoon Organic baby food products are packaged in convenient cups with attached spoons. 

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