Axion Polymers Urges Automotive Sector to Use Simpler Materials

Published By : 28 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A leading plastic recycler based out of UK has urged automotive engineers and manufacturers to use ‘simpler’ materials. According to Axion Polymers usage of high-performance composites makes recycling difficult. Therefore, using simpler materials would make the task of recycling motor vehicles easier as they near retirement.

The company stated that the present vehicles that are made with materials that make them light are not suitable for recycling. Thus, the components and body parts of these vehicles are negative the efforts of energy schemes. The company has also insisted the automotive sector to try out local sustainable options. A good option for this is the innovative and highly-specified 100% recycled polymers that are made from recycled vehicles.

According to Keith Freegard, director at Axion Polymers, the effort for making vehicles lighter is definitely worth appreciating. However, he says that the automobile designers and material engineers must look at simpler solutions such as mono-materials, which save carbon. Furthermore, these materials can also be recycled for re-usage at the end of the vehicle’s life.

He also stated that though the automobile designers can make lightweight cars with reinforced fibre products and unusual composite, it bigger challenge lies in make the whole effort friendly to the environment. The current problem lies in the fact that little regard is given to the fact that composites cannot be recycled at the end of vehicle’s life.

He further added that the automotive sector’s bigger opportunity lies in innovate product design and thinking that will create solutions along with creating electric and hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles

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