Award Winning Foldable Container, DS Smith, Plastics Division

Published By : 19 Nov 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

DS Smith, Plastics Division announced the official launch of its new foldable plastics container. The container is planned to be featured in the upcoming exhibition - Salon de l'Emballage, Paris, France. 

DS Smith, Plastics Division has been consistently delivering exclusive folding/unfolding time, reusability, space, and recyclability foldable containers that are known for its performance and weight. However, with the introduction of Duca-Pak (TM) that is a new addition to the established family of foldable containers, this container is highly recognized for its performance and durability. 

Duca-Pak has enhanced ergonomics further equipped with volume capacity and height 15% greater than the existing materials. The container has an integrated belt system that conveniently interlocks with the sleeve and pallet and replaces lock. It has a lid that weighs less than 6kg, with four hooks on lid helping to fix the pallet lid on the container. 

Du-Pak containers have been designed with the highest standards of materials and performance in mind, in addition to the re-usability, efficiency, durability, and recyclability. 

Ducaplast Optimised Container Solutions containers can all be easily recycled and turned into new containers. Similarly, DS Smith's Supply Cycle Thinking containers avoid all complexities, and improve recyclability and reusability.

The ‘6 seconds’ concept is now permanently integrated in these new designs. The ‘6 seconds’ concept is the estimated time that is taken to respond to fold or unfold each container (6 seconds). 

In addition, the new containers have a foldable sleeve’s core structure that is constructed of recycled material. It offers increased performance to vertical compression. 

Kindly visit DS Smith for more information on Duca-Pak (TM).
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