Automotive Industry: Gesture Recognition Market to Rise at 12.8 % CAGR by 2018

Published By : 19 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Increased demand for cost efficient gesture recognition solution has got a response in the moderate development of the gesture recognition market in automotive industry across the globe, which is likely to register a 12.8% CAGR during the period of 2014 to 2018. Many firms are solely concerned for the growth of gesture recognition technology and machines. At present, the automotive suppliers are focusing on constructing partnerships with such suppliers to apply gesture recognition abilities in their products.

The input devices utilized in gesture recognition solutions consist of cameras and software that exist at a very low price. Having a number of technical developments, the prices of such tools are decreasing drastically, eventually decreasing the overall price of the possession of gesture recognition solutions. This has driven to an increase in adoption of these tools among end use industry.

Original equipment producers are including the gesture recognition solutions into their tools, which are likely to propel the advancement of the market in near future.

Gesture recognition is the capability of a tool to determine and react to various gestures of an individual. The gesture recognition technology can be based on 2D or 3D technology. It utilizes a camera-enabled machine that beams in an invisible infra-red light onto the individual that is returned back to the camera and a gesture recognition IC.

Gesture recognition assists in offering a higher level of security in automotives. The key applications of gesture recognition in automobiles consist of management of dashboards, audio and video systems, and other controls.
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