Automakers Brainstorm about Selling Online

Published By : 27 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the study published by it was found that both, new and used car buyers spend about 75% of their time online to research for a car. The Google stats corroborate this finding further by stating that a user takes about 2.7 months to decide which car to buy. This nature of the buyer has become a challenge for the automotive markets, who thoroughly believe that buyers needs to get off the internet and visit can actual store to test drive the car before coming to a decision.

The online car researchers are of different types as well. For instance, there are those who look for the same brand or the same dealer with whom they’ve had an experience. This largely stems from a conditioning and a comfort zone. However, there are other types of buyers as well who are far more open-minded to experimentation about the vehicles they want to drive in the near future.

However, the car market has truly seen a huge change in the way buyers look at researching cars. Change implies the research in more virtual, than real as it should ideally be. The top five formats that encourage online car research are video advertisements, mobile advertisements, tablet advertisements, search advertisements, e-mail advertisements, and online site advertisements.

Owing to this shift in perspectives, automakers are thinking of ways in which they can truly exploit this opportunity and lure in more customers to generate greater revenues. For instance, in a recent move, Volvo decided to sell its latest launch the XC90 model only online and within 48 hours it sold about 1,927 cars. Feeding the appetite for online shopping is going to be a huge game changing move for automakers across the globe.
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