Australian Minister Concerned about the Chinese Construction Industry in South China Sea

Published By : 03 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Kevin Andrews, the defense minister of Australia, said that Australia is worried about construction activities and large scale land recovery activities by China in the South China Sea. Recently, the defense minister delivered a lecture at the Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis IDSA on Australia’s Defense Policies and Growing Synergies with India. The defense minister of Australia further said that Australia never takes sides on challenging territorial claims in the regions of South China Sea but the country is concerned about land reclamation activities, which are initiated by China. He pointed out that these land reclamation activities may create tensions across the region.

Australia encourages useful implementation of commitments as per the Declaration on Conduct of the Parties in the regions of South China Sea, he added. Andrews reiterated Australia’s hold on the regions of South China Sea saying that China and the ASEAN members should urge early progress on the practical Code of Conduct for the South China Sea. 

For Australia, India is considered to be a strong strategic partner, added Andrews. India and Australia, together, have a better scope to tackle global issues with due cooperation. India and Australia, the two major states of the Indian Ocean, are cooperating in the region. Andrews said that a key portion of the engagement arises as a part of the Indian Ocean Rim Association IORA. The Indo-Pacific region is predicted to account for 21 out of 25 air and sea routes by 2030. Around one-third of the bulk cargo movements worldwide and two-third of the global oil shipments will be covered by the Indo-Pacific region by 2030. Improving security will be the priority to protect regional prosperity. 

Defense cooperation is not limited to navies as both the nations are surely seeking to build the bilateral air force association, said Andrews. The first bilateral maritime exercise, ‘Exercise AUSINDEX’, is to be held between India and Australia later this month.  
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