Augmented Vision for BMW Mini for Drivers

Published By : 20 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google glasses created a furore to help people drive, but augmented glasses from BWM are a step ahead. The company is announcing the release of Mini Augmented Vision, it is a pair of prototype glasses that aids drivers for directions, hidden obstacles, and features hands-free music control and texting.

The augmented vision if combined with cameras on the exterior of the car can also work to help the driver with X-ray vision, making room for the driver to view the curb through the car while parking. The high-tech glasses that are comparable to aviator glasses work with the current connected car system of the Mini. The launch will be showcased at the Auto Show in Shanghai this week.

The high-tech glasses boasts of an array of technology including that of a smartphone such as Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi complemented with Android operating platform and Qualcomm processor.

BMW exhibited the working prototype of the equipment at a demo recently in San Francisco. As per the company, the equipment is still at demo stage that can be said to be the technology equivalent of a concept car. However, there is not any indication of time frame of the launch.

The trend generally for automotives, is to go for autonomous cars BMW focuses mainly on technologies that are for safe driving keeping human hands at the steering wheel. As per the production manager of the Mini, individuals who are passionate about driving are BMW customers. 

For the venture, BMW tied-up with Qualcomm its Vuforia technology has extensively been used in the past for phones and tablets.  
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