AT&T to Link its Home Automation and Connected Car Divisions

Published By : 02 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

AT&T Inc. has decided to link its businesses of connected car and smart home to strengthen the company’s grip in the blooming growing market for virtually everything connected by Internet. The market is being considered a new battleground for many electronics giants including companies such as Verizon and Google Inc.

AT&T Inc. automation and home security services, termed Digital Life and the connected car service termed Drive are going to be integrated so that the end users of these technologies will be able to have control on activities in their homes even from a dashboard in their cars, stated AT&T Mobility’s chief executive Glenn Lurie, in a announcement by the company made last week ahead of an official announcement to be made at the Mobile World Congress in to be held in Barcelona.

He said that once the home has been informed that the car is within the range of 20 feet of the house, for instance, the house may automatically open the door for the garage, turn off alarms, put on the lights, and move up the thermostat. It will be like inanimate objects like the home and the car taking care of you.

With these services converging into one, a car with the Drive technology will be able to control all the devices you need in your home, such as security cameras, ACs, music systems, coffee makers, door locks, sensors on windows and sensors that are can detect leaking water from water taps and pipes.

Most American citizen have access to mobile phones these days. Also, the US$1.7 trillion wireless industry of the U.S is targeting the area of connected devices for new growth opportunities. 
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