Asthma Drugs in Children Can Have Long Term Harmful Effects

Published By : 29 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After conducting a research study, researchers at the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Copenhagen have concluded that children’s consumption of asthma drugs can have long term and serious unfavorable drug reactions. These risks have not completely been documented in the pre-marketing clinical trials. The latest study has been published in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy.

Useful information has been gathered by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on patients’ experiences with respect to adverse drug reactions in EudraVigilance, a European adverse drug reactions database. The pharmaceutical companies, and both the authorities have to necessarily provide information to the database pertaining to the ADRs. This, as a result, will provide new and unknown information about certain serious ADRs. 

According to a professor of the pharmacy department at the University of Copenhagen, certain observations with reference to ADRs have proved that physicians should carefully look into the medicines which are being prescribed to children with asthma.

Drugs that are tested in clinical trials are generally tried in young male patients, however, it becomes a problem when it has to be tested in children. 

Sufficient information pertaining to the side effects of drugs that are prescribed to children is very rare mainly because there is hardly any information available on ADRs with respect to children. The commonly observed ADRs include coughing and breathlessness. Not very many articles are available on ADRs publicly, and those that have been mentioned in clinical tests have been assumed to be non-serious. 

According to the EU ADR reports, there are many other psychic ADRs also apart from coughing and breathlessness, which aggression, and nightmares.
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