ASA Says It Could Build Greenhouses on Martian Surface by 2021

Published By : 08 May 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A greenhouse on the Martian surface will no longer be the stuff fiction is made of. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced recently that has plans of setting up a greenhouse on the planet by 2021.

NASA predicts that in the coming years, as humans begin to colonize Mars and the moon, there will be a need for greenhouses that can sustain plants. Such greenhouses will not only help recycle air on these planets, but will also offer hood. Most space colonists will be able to use these as a key link in recycling. 

However, plants that have evolved on Earth might not be able to survive in the atmospheric conditions and climate of other planets, even if such plants are placed in greenhouses. Thus, the plants that are to be grown on other planets need to be able to be able to sustain in the lowest atmospheric pressure possible said Rob Ferl, who works at the University of Floria as a molecular biologist.

On the bright side, growing plants in an environment that is low-pressure would help reduce the weight of air that would be taken to planets such as Mars. Carrying air (and other gases) to such space colonies would incur heavy costs, besides adding to the weight of the mission.

NASA is in the process of carrying out more research pertaining to flora and fauna that can possibly sustain on other planets.
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