Art Display Exhibition Brings Awareness for Marine Conservation

Published By : 02 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

‘My Sea, Your Sea. Keep it Litter Free’ program delivers a very simple but an effective message – to put an end to treating the sea waters like a dump of rubbish. 

This movement is supported by an exhibition made out of marine litter art displays set up at Living Coasts situated in Torquay. The Operations Manager of Living Coasts, Clare Rugg said the exhibition is fun and an intriguing opportunity to spread awareness amongst all ages. Living Coasts as a charity platform is a sheer dedication to marine conservation. 

This exhibition will be taking place across Europe’s 14 countries and each country will add their contributions from local artists. 
The project is designed and led by UK Plymouth University. It is in the effort to educate and engage people on the problems of marine litter.  
Marine litter was collected by volunteers of Wembury Marine Centre and The Rame Peninsula Beach Care Group. In addition, the art displays were gathered from Devon and Cornwall beaches and put up in the exhibition. 

The program combines information about the cause of marine litter, the problems associated to it, and things that can be done to reduce such problems. It can be done with visually salient art installations. 

TruCost Super M-Art has a number of consumer products including lighters, shampoo bottles, plastic drinks bottles, cutlery, cleaning products, and toys – all stocked in a mock supermarket. 

According to Clare, all these products were gathered by local groups in charge of cleaning beaches. These artists inspire visitors to utilize plastics sparingly and spread awareness of plastic pollution in marine conditions. 

The exhibition is created by a three-year EU funded project – Marine Litter in European Seas (MARLISCO): Social Awareness and Co-Responsibility. MARLISCO includes a range of local authorities, NGOs, coastal management bodies, universities, and plastic industry. 

Living Coasts will be holding beach clean programs at Beacon Cove between 10.00 am and 2:00 pm each day on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September. For additional information visit:
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