Arrow Electronics DragonBoard 410c to Work with MS IoT Suite

Published By : 05 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Arrow Electronics’ DragonBoard 410c is a low-cost dev. Board that is built off the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor. The DragonBoard 410c is now ready to be used with the Internet of Things Suite created by Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT, a recently launched certification program, looks to aid users in increasing efficiency and reducing effort through methods that help test and verify the functionality of the devices connected to the Suite. This lets the devices immediately connect to the cloud.

Arrow is one of the companies included in the group that has joined the Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT.

Jeff Reed, the Arrow Systems Integration’s chief technology officer, said that the company is consistently guiding the IoT movement forward and creating space for their customers in order to save ample time and effort. The DragonBoard 410c is already creating innovative leads in products for embedded computing. He added that there is a definite excitement about what the future IoT technologies will be like due to the Microsoft certification program for Azure IoT.

Featuring a Snapdragon 410 processor inside, the DragonBoard is created from the open-source 96Boards specifications by Linaro. It provides GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth, and advanced processing power, all on the Quad-core ARM Cortex A53.

The board is designed to be low-cost and is suitable for a large array of applications, such as gaming consoles, digital signage, building automation, medical devices, next-gen robotics, and prototyping. Arrow can offer design engineering support and connections in the supply chain to developers, which will allow them to transition from their DragonBoard prototypes to commercial uses.

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