Apple’s Touch ID to Return in 2018 iPhone 8S, 8S Plus Models; 2017 Lineup Relying on Face Detection

Published By : 04 Sep 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Apple’s iPhone 8 has already been hyped up as a gamechanger for the tech giant, with the new model entailing significant changes in how the phone is used and unlocked and also a major change in Apple’s already notorious pricing structure, leaving the new generation of iPhone’s with an unprecedented cost to live up to. The company’s subsequent dawdles over features such as fingerprint ID system haven’t helped the new model’s case, with leaks confirming early last month that the iPhone 8 wouldn’t feature fingerprint recognition. Apple then focused on its face recognition technology in the hope to compensate for the lack of fingerprint recognition. But a new patent hunted down by AppleInsider shows the decision to forego the fingerprint recognition was due to the company’s inability to get the tech ready for its 2017 releases, and the technology itself remains a focus for the next upgrade of iPhones.

Sonar for Your Fingerprints: Apple’s Innovative Rethink on Fingerprint Recognition

Apple’s fingerprint recognition system features a setup that will bounce an acoustic pulse off the user’s fingerprint and on to a piezoelectric receiver, which will record the user according to the minute differences produced by the structure of ridges and valleys on each user’s fingers. While the technology is decidedly smart, the lack of it in Apple’s 2017 models could come back to haunt them, particularly if Samsung pull off the difficult task of perfecting it for their own 2018 lineup.

Apple’s focus on face recognition technology at the expense of the more ubiquitous and convenient fingerprint recognition is yet another gamble in the new iPhone’s development. The company seems to be preparing for a slightly underwhelming iPhone 8 in 2017 before storming the grounds with superb 8S and 8S Plus models, which will feature the innovative touch recognition technology as well as a huge 6.46-inch display thanks to Apple’s use of bezel-less displays. Whether the gamble pays off, particularly considering the price hikes that are sure to hold some prospective iPhone consumers back and the guarantee that Samsung won’t be resting on its laurels while designing the 2018 S9 lineup, remains to be seen. 

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