Apple’s Brand New iPad Launch is Expected to be in Early 2015

Published By : 28 Aug 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Suppliers at the Apple Inc. are preparing to create the company’s largest iPad, which can be launched in the market in the first quarter of the coming year.

This new iPad will have a screen size of 12.9 inches diagonally. Currently, Apple makes iPad with 7.9 inch displays and 9.7 inch displays. A Californian company called Cupertino is working with the suppliers for around a year to develop a new range of tablet devices which has a larger touch-screen.

The information regarding the new Apple’s iPad was according to the people who have knowledge of the matter. However, the spokeswoman for Apple, Trudy Muller, has refused to comment.

CEO Tim Cook of Apple is working to shake the iPad line up. The sale of tablet devices, which are Apple’s second biggest product according to revenue after the Apple iPhone slumped for two straight quarter amid the lack of new models. Consumers’ preference has shifted towards smartphones which have a bigger screen. Suppliers of Apple recently began manufacturing an updated iPad with a 9.7 inch screen and are set to enter the production of a new iPad mini version. Many people have said that these devices will be available in the market later this year and ready for the holiday season.

Apple is enlarging the screen size of the iPhone too, according to some people. The company will be holding an event in September to debut their new iPhone with bigger displays. These phones went for mass production in July.

The iPhones will come with two new models. One will have a 4.7 inch screen while the other will feature a 5.5 inch screen.
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