Apple Works on Developing its Electric Car

Published By : 16 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Amidst the rumors about Apple’s failure to acquire Tesla Motors Inc. in 2014, the talks about Cupertino trying to build its own self-driven car are still doing the rounds. The continuous rumor about Apple’s incandescent interest does say volumes about the company’s intention of developing an electric car. However, Apple, judging by their history of product design, will create a product that is an antithesis to mean electric roadster, Tesla Model S sedan. Analysts predict the car will resemble a pill on wheels with self-driving technology.

According to San Francisco Chronicle there was inconspicuous meeting between Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and founder and the head of mergers at Apple. The meeting was purely to discus Apple’s intention to buy Tesla. However, Musk confirmed no such event. He only confirmed that there were talks with Apple, but the bone of contention was cleverly not revealed.

He further added that if there is a situation which was support the creation of affordable electric cars, then such a discussion of that magnitude was necessary to entertain. Since such a possibility is nowhere in sight no talk of such kind was entertained, he concluded.

A certain news item suggested that the project of developing an electric self-driven car was approved by Tim Cook, Apple CEO Tim Cook about a year ago, which is exactly when the Tesla deal failed. According to experts, Musk refused to sell Tesla to Apple or take up Apple as a partner on board, because the two have completely different visions to making it big.
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