Apple to make its iPhones Act like the Next Level AI

Published By : 08 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

At the latest WWDC conference hosted by Apple, the company launched its most important and upgraded operating system, the iOS 12. And with it, the company has also revamped Siri entirely, and taken it to an almost next level AI system.

More Information about New AI Features Launched in iPhones

The new iPhone devices will be powered by the AI Siri through several enhancements and features, ultimately making them highly personalized and sophisticated to use. A long standing question exists though – will users welcome the changes, or will find them creepy and invasive? Seems like only time can tell the answer.

Siri will give suggestions almost everywhere after the new updates kick-in, and these will be displayed in the same search screen where suggested apps by the assistant are launched. For example, Siri may ask you to call your grandma for her birthday, and also suggest you to keep your phone on silent after entering a movie hall. The AI will be so futuristic and smart that after users enter a gym, they would be instantly notified to start their workout playlist.

These surely are useful in many cases, also could be annoying at times. However, Apple has provided options to manually control which suggestions users would want, thus calling out for ones which are greatly required. Suggestions given by Siri will appear on the lock screen too, especially when it thinks that it can help you perform an action of any kind. For example, such actions mainly would be regular stuff, such as launching a preferred workout app, after you have arrived at the gym.

Apple Watch’s Siri watch face screen will also show the depiction of these features. According to the company, the relevance of suggestions are sure to improve with time, and this is primarily based on how much users engage with the devices and the OS.

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