Apple to Change its Component-Base for Upcoming iPhones

Published By : 05 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The iPhones introduced by Apple in 2018 have already been a matter of great debate and discussion. It is also anticipated that Apple is set to make further gambles in its iPhone production game. 9to5Mac obtained a recent report revealing that Apple would soon get away with Qualcomm baseband chips for its future iPhones. To replace these chips, Apple would get new chips sourced by Intel. This move essentially owes to the bittering of relations between Apple and Qualcomm, and reflects on Apple’s gambling cards.

Potential Pitfalls of the Deal-Break

Until now, Apple was using both, Qualcomm-based and Intel chips, and the former has done better for the iPhones. The Qualcomm-based chips have served better speeds and are more compatible for 3G and 4G technologies. Intel, on the other hand, is anticipated to depreciate the quality of iPhones to follow. In the past, the Qualcomm based iPhones had to be throttled to prove the worth of Intel-based iPhones. Furthermore, the finesse attained by Qualcomm in terms of research and development easily outsmarts Intel. The 5G chipsets which are the next big thing in the industry would be produced by Qualcomm before Intel does. iPhone’s competitors majorly use Qualcomm, and hence, the precedence of 5G technologies in Qualcomm-based phones would give a mark of distinction to the competitors.

Customers at Receiving End of Inconvenience

Although experts believe that Apple would offer a chance to Qualcomm to come back into business with them, there is no surety about this action. The customers will have to face hassles as the Intel-based phones are expected to be on the downside as against the Qualcomm-based models.

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