Apple to amuse Buyers with new iPhone Price Declaration

Published By : 12 Sep 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The American multinational technology company, Apple, is making money by the second. Every new generation mind wants an apple phone in hand, no matter what the cost is. In 2017, Apple made a big bet that it could convince its consumers to spend almost around a $1000 or more on the upcoming versions of iPhone. It sounds impracticable for consumers saving up just to buy a brand conscious device that will add to one’s status, but Apple has proved to make its mark again.

The iPhone X, that started at $999 and reached up to $1149 has driven enormous amount of profits for the company even though the unit sales continued to flatten. A new wave of information reveals that Apple is likely to reduce the price of the iPhone X’s successors to as low as $800. This new strategy could help Apple increase unit sales of iPhones which have recently declined.

“Nothing Great Ever Comes without Sacrifice” says iPhone Lover

As the arrival of every new iPhone is always good news for mobile operators. The latest devices come with better and upgraded versions to make it easy for users to watch movies, play games, and download tremendous amounts of data. As the data usage soars, phone bills will also increase.

There is a high probability that with the arrival of the next generation of iPhones, Apple may possibly introduce electronic SIMs or e-SIMs. An e-SIM is a standard SIM chip open to multiple mobile operators globally by replacing the physical plastic SIM cards that all current smartphones use. In simple terms, one does not have to replace one SIM with another while switching carriers. This will mean that from the user’s perspective, there will be no Airtel or Jio users rather Apple or Samsung users and mobile operator companies may have to face consequences likewise.

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