Apple Mulls Making Original Content

Published By : 29 Jun 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The debate about privacy versus good content is once again gaining traction as Apple announced hiring Sony TV executives to produce content to compete with biggies such as HBO, Amazon, and Netflix. Apple plans to offer high-quality original video content for its users, but the move comes with a lot of discussion around it. This raises the much talked about question whether Apple is ready to offer its users less privacy and good content or limited number of services with unwavering privacy.

Apple to Compete with Netflix and Amazon within its Circuit

For as long as Apple has been in existence it has strived to create a closed circuit community of its users that is carefully guarded it its own security systems and codes. For instance, Siri ceases to use 6-month old voice queries or utterances. The utterances cannot be compared to what they were a year ago. However, Google or Amazon adjusts and adapts to the users behavior over the years. This has been explained by Apple as a stringent privacy measure, where the customer is in complete control of their own information. Similarly, Apple Music offers the world, but it fails to learn your choices as it programmed offer better privacy.

Coming back to Apple’s latest announcement, Apple’s intention to offer video content will lack personalization as it will be emphasize on user’s privacy. All it will offer is top 10 lists unlike Netflix that makes suggestions according to what you have been viewing. But then again, what happens when an Apple user moves to Amazon or Netflix? To a large extent it does defeat Apple’s concern about sharing user details with their competitors. It is being argued at Apple must let go off its insecurities and go where its users want to go to offer better services with a broad range of items.

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