Apple Moves to Make its User Data More Private

Published By : 24 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In a very blunt and brutal remark, Tim Cook stated, Apple does not build its user’s profile using its email content or web browsing habits. He further added that the company handles the user’s information differently as compared to its rivals Google and Facebook. Both these companies use the user’s data for targeted advertising. On the contrary, Apple has been very specific about keep its user’s information as private as possible on its iPhone and iCloud.

Apple’s way of targeted advertising is through iAd, which allows the advertisers to reach the costumers on Apple devices based on their preferences, home addresses, age, gender, App Store usage, and iTunes download. Apple works in tandem with Acxiom Corp. by providing them the data to help advertisers find their potential market. Acxiom Corp. a data broker installs an “advertising identifier”, which functions like the browser cookie on iPads and iPhones to track user activity on these devices.

According to Apple this method is less intrusive as it gives users a better control over their data usage and gives them an option to opt out. Additionally, the system stops advertising if the user has moved to a different location. As Apple moves towards making its services more private, it said that the company will not collect data from Apple Pay mobile-payment services and HealthKit.

These aspects of Apple’s initiatives to respect its users privacy have been praised and appreciated well by users across the globe.
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