Apple Making Waves with Instagram Entry

Published By : 08 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 8, has prompted new frenzy among Apple followers due to the recent leak of images showing, among other features, a copper colored phone. The iPhone 8 has a highly competitive market to come through, which has made it vital for the American tech giant.

The company has boosted its efforts to expand in line with the public demand and joined popular image sharing app Instagram. The company reached 20,000 followers in a mere 40 minutes, demonstrating the strong grip the brand holds over public awareness.

What could the iPhone 8 be like?

If the latest leaks are anything to go by, the iPhone 8 will have top of the line OLED screens providing a sharper resolution than the iPhone 7 series. Facial recognition technology is also rumored to be part of the iPhone 8’s lineup of features. However, Apple has followed its policy of maintaining an official silence about upcoming products and it remains to be seen how close the rumors were to what Apple have in mind for 2017 Q4. The rising competitiveness of the premium sector in the smartphones market has made the iPhone 8’s launch important for Apple, with Samsung setting the standards high with their Galaxy S8 and Google making strong progress with their Pixel lineup.

Apple Now on Instagram

Donning the username @apple, Apple Inc. joined Instagram on Monday. The account extends Apple’s current ‘Shot on iPhone’ advertising campaign to the growing image sharing app, making the campaign more familiar to users. The importance of the iPhone’s cameras to the success of the brand has always been acknowledged by Apple Inc. and the company’s entry into Instagram represents a new step in engaging with Apple users through iPhone photography.

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