Apple looks to Fix Major Security Flaw in MacOS High Sierra

Published By : 29 Nov 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Technology giant Apple is working to fix a serious bug in its Mac operating system. MacOS High Sierra- the fourteenth version of Apple Inc.’s MacOS allows entry into the machine without a password and also gain access to powerful administrator rights.

As stated by an Apple associate, the company is working on a software update to resolve this issue.

The bug was discovered by a Turkish developer who found that he would receive unrestricted access to the target machine by using the username “root”, leaving the password space blank, and hitting enter several times.

Security Bug Enables Hackers to Access Crucial Files

In this matter, the Turkish associate, however, received criticism for violating disclosure guidelines that are typically observed by security experts. The guidelines instruct security professionals to bring to notice to companies in the event of flaws in their products, The Company also provides a reasonable amount of time to address the bug before it is available for sale. Apple, however, did not confirm if it knew about the bug beforehand.

The remarkable power offered by MacOS High Sierra makes the bug relatively simple, as stated by security experts at Apple. Users with root access have the capability to do more than normal users, they can use the same machine to read and write files of other accounts. A superuser has the capability to delete crucial system files, which would render the computer useless and also has the capability to install malware that a typical security software may not be able to detect.

The flaw thankfully cannot be exploited remotely, wherein the attacker would need physical access to a computer.

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