Apple Keeps Its Archenemy IBM Closer

Published By : 17 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The world knows, for as long as Steve Jobs lived and headed Apple Inc., he believed in focusing on the consumer to attain any kind true success. Tim Cook, his successor too believes in writing yet another great success. But, although these two great minds may think alike, the latter is surely taking a different path to reach the final destination. 

Contrary to Jobs’ hate for selling to big businesses to get more business, Cook seems to have been in conversation with Virginia Rometty, the IBM honcho to come up with over 100 business-oriented mobile applications for Apple’s iPhones and iPad tablet computers. Needless to say that IBM employee will be the obvious choice of promoters this development.

This new found friendship between the two archenemies comes as a sweet shock to many industry watchers. It sure does spell a new hope for the computing world, showing keen observers the impact of these consumer oriented products on the corporate world. The next best thing this move ushers with it, is, a serious reason for Blackberry and Microsoft to think out-of-the-box.

The distribution network and the advantage of big-data analytics that IBM comes with, makes it an ideal partner for Apple Inc. to tackle ruthless giants like Microsoft and Google. This alliance could also reverse massive revenue decline in the eight consecutive quarters for IBM. While it would also help Mr. Cook to build his own legacy for Apple Inc.
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