Apple iPhone 8 Launch Slated for September 12

Published By : 29 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In yet another leap, the tech giant Apple is expected to unveil a bevy of products. This includes two new updates of the iPhone 7 series to be possibly named iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus, and a high-end iPhone 8. A new 4K Apple TV and a new Apple watch are the other products that the tech giant is gearing up to announce. The big iPhone 8 announcement event is scheduled for September 12.

OLED Display Speculated Reason for Premium Pricing of iPhone 8  

Marking to be an anniversary edition with price speculated to start at US$1,000, the iPhone 8 could be the most expensive iPhone so far. According to reports, the premium version of iPhone 8 is expected to be priced at US$999, however, it is not clear if this will be for the highest storage variant or the one with basic memory capability. While the pricing of iPhone 8 is still shaky, whatever it may be, it will be a significant hike from the price of a 32GB variant of iPhone 7 at US$649. However, the iPhone 7 with 256GB is priced at US$969 in the U.S., closely priced to iPhone 8.

Other sources reveal that iPhone 8 with base storage options will start at US$870, while the ones with higher storage will cost US$1,000. The OLED display and glass design are the likely reasons for the premium price of iPhone 8.

The display of iPhone 8 is reported to have a display that will take up the entire front of the device and will use OLED panels that are brighter and colorful than the screens of predecessor devices. According to speculations, the fingerprint reader has been moved to the back in the iPhone 8, and will also support facial recognition.

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